Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday blues, anyone?

Hello all! How are we all today? What did everyone get up to at the weekend?

I've been a little bit poorly and still feeling very very tired today. So I thought, what might perk me up? And I think the answer is this....

Fever Tonga sundressTonga Sundress, £69

Is it too much, too soon? The sun has been shining for a few days now but will I be one of those silly people in inappropriately summery clothes if I buy this today and wear next time the sun comes out??

Help me. Advise me. Style me.

What makes you all happy on a day that you've got the Grumps or have been poorly? Other than browsing through the Aspire Style website of course and looking at all of our pretty things!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Why not? Wednesday

I woke up this morning and thought, ooh I've beaten my alarm again, (you know when you wake up three minutes before your alarm?). That's nice. Nice to wake up naturally. Then I looked at my clock....5am. I've beaten my alarm by two hours and forty minutes. So I'll just go back to sleep. But you know what happens at 5am when you live in a small village in the middle of Warwickshire? Birds sing. Then it's 5.40, then 6.16, then 7.08 and then I'm just about to get up and start the day early when I start to doze. Then my alarm goes off and I turn it off and think, well I've been awake since 5am so I'm hardly likely to go to sleep now. Wrong. All of a sudden it's 8.32. ARGH! And then I did that thing when you wake up late and you're so aware that you're late that you become really super-efficient, so I ended up making it to work ten minutes early and wondering why I ever get up before 8.32.

Aaaaanyway, it's made me decide on the giveaway for today! An alarm clock of course!
Bake a like alarm clock
For your chance to win simply tell me a funny story about a time you've been late. Obviously I would also really appreciate it if you signed up to our newsletter - it goes out about once a month with a special offer or a preview etc - and if you could spread the love for Aspire by recommended us to simply all of your friends!! :o)

Feeling a bit zombie-ish now that the adrenaline has gone...time for a coffee I think xx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Nica bag

Mondays are always busy-busy now-now-now get-orders-done days, then Tuesdays come around and they are typically job days. You know the ones I mean, where you have lots of jobs to do, and although none of them are urgent, they're all fairly important, and you know they need to get done, but you'd rather not. Anyway that's what today is. Computer broken, need to fix it. Internet slow, need to sort it. New images through, need to edit them (although can't do this one: see previous two points). etc etc. I was rather lacking in motivation, but then I had a cup of tea and remembered I work for Aspire, the best shop ever! And I have to do all of these little niggly jobs because then I get to play with pretty things like this new Nica Bag, the Nica Bo in coral, £69:
Nica Bo, coral
Voila. Motivation found. Now where to find the Paint Shop Pro disk....

Anyone else have days like this? What motivates you to get the little jobs done? Help!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Spotty v Floral

[It was going to be Spots vs Stripes but we don't seem to have anything stripy...]

Every buyers meeting now involves Emma (one of the owners) picking up something spotty and going oooohhh this is amazing oh my gosh, love it, yes, we'll take it, let's have it, I love it, it's so pretty, look at it! And the rest of us pulling a face that says remember what we talked about? to which she can only say oh right yes no more spots :o( -  but there's just something so cute and adorable about spotty dresses which is almost always irresistible, isn't there? And now the sun is shining and spring is here so out come all the pretty florals - the question is, which is better? Spots or florals?

Current spotty dresses:

Fever Dotty Shift dress, navy Dotty shift dress, £55, navy or brown

Yumi black spot dressBlack spot dress, £39, black or blue

Spotty dress, blueSpotty dress, £29, sky or navy

Tara Starlet full circle polka dot prom dress, redTara Starlet polka, £75, red or black

I'm pretty sure there are more spotty styles in store, too...although that would mean I'm not doing my job properly and forgetting to put them online...whoops.

Current floral dresses:

Fever Tonga sundressTonga sundress, £69 also as wrap dress, £55

Ruby Belle Tea Blossom dress, redTea Blossom dress, £45, red or blue

Glamourous rose pleat dressRose pleat dress, £45

Fever Poppins dressMary Poppin dress, £55

There are loads more floral dresses online, too - have a look!

And for those of you on a tight budget, you can always treat yourself to a little something...
Vintage pink fairy cake casesRetro spot cake cases
Floral and spotty case cases, £1.95

So, join the debate - spots or florals? Which are you wearing and why? Lots of comments please, somebody will be winning some cake cases!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Orla Kiely Rhododendron

Our Spring Orla Kiely bags have been selling so well that we've extended the range and got the fabulous Rhododendron range in!

Orla Kiely Rhododendron midi sling, grey

Orla Kiely Rhododendron Midi sling, grey, £115

Orla Kiely Rhododendron wallet, grey

Orla Kiely Rhododendron Wallet, grey, £59

Also available in a lovely mustard colour (awaiting official photographs) and in shoulder bag and handbag shapes. The grey is so versatile - you could wear it with just about any outfit for a classic accessory look!

Happy shopping, Orla fans!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pretty Spring Dresses

Morning morning.

Please forgive my absence, I'd like to start making a list of excuses but let's face it...I've just been busy trying on all of the new clothes and generally playing around with pretty new jewellery and trying to decide which new Orla Kiely wallet to buy.

But anyway, I have finally exhausted these activities, and here's the proof:

Fever Bluebell dress, £69 - perfect for weddings

Darling Adele dress, £55 - so cute for a date in the sunshine

Fever Le Mans shift dress, £65 - ideal for adding a splash of colour to your office wardrobe.

Also Nica Bowie Tote, £75 - gorgeous whether you're wearing a suit or jeans.

There are more but I'm starting to feel extraordinarily self-conscious so let's stop there!!!

Anyway, take a look at our new Spring clothes and if you're in the market for a bargain then check out the updated sale part of our website. I will be back on the blog now, I promise! Let's do a competition soon, yeah??

Comments are welcome. Abuse about how un-photogenic I am is not. xx