Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pretty Spring Dresses

Morning morning.

Please forgive my absence, I'd like to start making a list of excuses but let's face it...I've just been busy trying on all of the new clothes and generally playing around with pretty new jewellery and trying to decide which new Orla Kiely wallet to buy.

But anyway, I have finally exhausted these activities, and here's the proof:

Fever Bluebell dress, £69 - perfect for weddings

Darling Adele dress, £55 - so cute for a date in the sunshine

Fever Le Mans shift dress, £65 - ideal for adding a splash of colour to your office wardrobe.

Also Nica Bowie Tote, £75 - gorgeous whether you're wearing a suit or jeans.

There are more but I'm starting to feel extraordinarily self-conscious so let's stop there!!!

Anyway, take a look at our new Spring clothes and if you're in the market for a bargain then check out the updated sale part of our website. I will be back on the blog now, I promise! Let's do a competition soon, yeah??

Comments are welcome. Abuse about how un-photogenic I am is not. xx


  1. For wont of a more elegant turn of phrase, un-photogenic my ass! You look gorgeous, as do the dresses, I especially want the first two! Such cute summery florals, they make me believe their is hope of winter ending!

  2. I love the Bluebell dress - it's on my "to buy" list for definite!

  3. You are pretty, and you make the dresses look very nice :)

  4. You're all too kind! I love the light ones but I think in terms of office wear I might need to buy the third one instead!!