Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Daffodils and dresses - springtime at Aspire Style

Having been inspired by the beautiful images of the style blog 'The English Muse' I thought I would post photos of our rather pretty springtime displays - lovingly created by Laura & Sassi who work in the Stratford shop...

We hope that our shops bring a smile to our customers faces as they browse all our pretty trinkets, laid out on vintage dressing tables... there is a certain happiness in gazing upon lovely things, although my photos don't do them justice!

Pictured items include the Fever Loire Dress, the Yumi Rita Dress, some of our pretty-in-a-kitsch sort of way plastic flower jewellery and nostalgic Cath Kidston Toiletries. Daffodils planted in a pretty tin - good use for vintage tins you might find on your travels...

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Monday, 30 March 2009

We love all things vintage at Aspire

At Aspire we love all things vintage... there is nothing better than picking up something not only gorgeous but also a little bit unique. Luckily we now have some great places to trawl in the Midlands such as the Birmingham Custard Factory's Saturday flea market, the big yellow vintage clothing shop in Digbeth and 'Wear it again Sam Vintage Clothing' shop in Worcester (8-9 The Hopmarket) - but often these places are a bit hidden away (with no websites) so you have to go looking!

Items which I always seem to buy are sparkly brooches such as this little number from the aforementioned Saturday Flea... it only cost me a fiver and the photo does no justice to it's loveliness! Back in the day (all those years ago - 2004 to be precise) we used to source vintage brooches to sell in the shop but it takes precious time to find these unique lovelies, so we've turned our attention to sourcing new jewellery and clothing that wouldn't look out of place in your granny's attic. This pretty bow necklace (pictured £8.95) is a current favourite of ours and is available is silver too.
From our Yumi clothes collection, the popular Victoria tunic dress (£55) has a vintage lace effect, looking like it could have been cut from your granny's hanky (it's quite short!)

If you're interested in all things vintage - a great book called 'It's vintage darling' by Christa Weil is available on Amazon. The book 'offers the services of a really honest best friend, a knowledgeable grandmother and an uber-stylist rolled into one' and will 'teach you how to become a clothes connoisseur, look fabulous without spending a fortune and spot a hermes scarf at forty paces'

Anyway - until next time...

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Coloured tights - fabulous fashion or a bit too superhero?

Here is me - looking a bit manic in this pic (it had been a long day!) wearing my lovely red Pamela Mann tights (£4.95) together with the Fever poppy dress (£69). The pic doesn't show them that well, but take it from me they are bright red!

Chanelling Anna Friel in 'Pushing Daisies' I was very pleased when I put this outfit together but as I paraded in front of my husband he looked shocked and uttered the words... 'you're not seriously thinking of going out like that?!' and 'where's your cape?' Well of course I have and got many compliments on my attire (from women) - the only male comment was from a white van man shouting 'red stockings!' in a comedy voice as they speeded past (mmm - they never say it when they're within slapping distance - it's always from moving vehicles or up ladders).

It leads me to believe that coloured tights is yet more evidence that most men just don't get high fashion (ask a man what they think of Sarah Jessica Parker and she's definately not ranked high on their attractiveness radar) whereas coloured tights are a joy to my mind and brighten up a dreary day. They lend a 'creative' air to an outfit and I think women appreciate it as a nod to high fashion whilst keeping your legs warm!

Perhaps my man is not as enlightened as yours or does anyone else have examples of fashion that men just don't get?

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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Aspire Style Online...

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Aspirestyle loves... fabulous floral print frocks

Just flicking through the latest copy of Look magazine and spied 'Super Print Frocks!' (pg40, 30th March). I have to say floral frocks are a timeless favourite with Aspire girls but we have some corkers this season including the Yumi pansy dress (pictured) £45, Fever Mocoa Lily dress (pictured)£59 and the Orion Amelie dress £62.

The Yumi pansy dress would look really cute with a grey or blue boyfriend cardi, footless tights and some little ballet pumps for daywear.

The Mocoa lily dress gives a girl fabulous curves and has a real vintage feel. If you're feeling chilly, put it with our cream bolero and if you're feeling brave our fantastic red tights!

Well weather looks vaguely decent outside, so I think I'll go for a floral number myself today - although tights I feel are still essential!

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Lily Allen's Dress on Saturday night takeaway

From prom dresses and trainers in the early days to Chanel and front row at all the fashion shows, I was surprised to see Lily wearing our Yumi white sequin bobble dress (£49) on Ant & Dec's Saturday night takeaway! (Sat 21st March)

It's a kind of bobble knit jersey with small sequins on with really cute little puff sleeves and is also available in black. It's been really popular in the shop and somehow looks a bit minnie mouse!

If you didn't see the show, the video is on YouTube

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Welcome to the Aspirestyle blog!

Welcome to the aspirestyle blog!

We thought that as purveyors of fashion and pretty things that we would start a blog to keep you posted on what we have in store, what's going on in the world of Aspire Style and everything in between.... Visit our online shop at www.aspirestyle.co.uk for a taster of what's in-store today!

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