Friday, 23 September 2011

Our Fabulous Friday Winner!

Again you did not disappoint this week but for me there was one clear winner and that is Louise who posted earlier on the blog! Louise if you can email me your address to then I will post your hottie out to you!

Well next week I am afraid there is be no Thank Freebie It's Friday because I am off for the week which will be positively fabulous if you ask me! You will have to wait for 2 weeks for the next giveaway. In the mean time though here are a few things that have arrived this week to tickle your taste buds...

Trollied Dolly Bold and Bowtiful £55
This fabulous shape was a firm favourite from the Trollied range for Spring/Summer and I think it is bound be another winner this season too. As we all know horizontal stripes are usually a no no unless you're Kate Moss but there is something about the way that the material has been cut and sewn together that makes your waist seem to vanish! 

Emily and Fin Lucy Leopard - £55
As you all know I am a massive fan of the Lucy dress from last season, with its gorgeous shape, pretty button detail on the back and big pockets to keep sweeties in! So you can imagine my excitement when I walked in this morning to find this beauty hanging on the rails! I untagged it immediately and put it on. Absolutely perfect for a funky winter look with cardi and boots - it is a winner in my book!

That is all for now I am afraid, I have to gather my things and leave my desk for a week. But I shall be back, calm, relaxed and full of brand new ideas! In the mean time please keep getting your friends to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you sign up to the newsletter there may be a little treat in store next weekend!

(Louise don't forget to email me - I want you to get your hottie before you go camping!!)

Thank Freebie It's Friday!

Good Morning everybody!
I hope you are all well on this very chilly morning! It is our first newly named "Thank Freebie It's Friday" and as it is so cold I thought you might appreciate a lovely snuggly little hand warmer, or hottie as I like to call them! The one I am giving away is in its own miniature hot water bottle cover with a super cute owl motif on it! They are not currently online to view as they only came in this very morning so you will have to trust me that it is definitely a worthwhile prize - so much so that I am considering entering myself.
Its just a simple question this week but because of that I want as many of you to enter as possible as you have no excuse! Today is the autumn equinox which means that the hours of light and darkness are about equal. This only means one thing though; winter is fast approaching and with it are the long nights!
All I want you to tell me is, what is your favourite thing about Autumn?! Simple right? There is no catch! Post your answers below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter!
Good luck!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday Giveaway Winner!

The new name for our Friday giveaways issssssss "Thank Freebie it's Friday!"! This was a blog entry by someone calling themselves J or @78ReasonsNotTo! Congratulations! Please DM or email me your address for me to post you're prize to!
I have also decided to give some vouchers to a couple of people who have tried really hard today and those people are Gracey Sabin, Laura Jayne Cook and Lucy Jacques who all joined in on Facebook. If you could let me know your addresses I will send you your vouchers!
Well done everyone! Today was a good one! Looking forward to Thank Freebie it's Friday next week!
Have a fab weekend

Friday Giveaway!!!

So I have been thinking long and hard about what we can call these little giveaways that will be happening on Fridays. Catie used to have Why Not Wednesdays which I loved but I am rarely here on a Wednesday so it wouldn't work - you can't really have a why not Wednesday on a Thursday! Plus its nice to have a bit of change.

So my competition for you today my lovelies is for the person who can come up with the best name for my new Friday giveaway!!

I haven't picked your prize yet but I know that we have just had a delivery of some new bits and pieces. So, while you think of your answers and post them here, on Facebook or Twitter, I will head downstairs and find a fabulous prize for you!!
Goooooooooood Luck!


Friday, 9 September 2011

Rugby World Cup - Celebratory Give away!

As I am sure many of you are aware, the Rugby World Cup is kicking off today. This could bring joy to the lives of some but I am sure for most of you it means that you will be losing your man, or any potential man, to the game over the next 6 weeks. Not only this but as it is being held in New Zealand the sound of alarm clocks across the nation will be sounding out at 2am or 4am to catch kick off.

I felt that you would all need something to cheer you up in this time of need and so will be doing a give away every week for the next 6 weeks to the person that I think is most worthy of a prize! Each give away start on a Friday and the winner will be announced on the Monday.

This week I will be giving away a fabulous watch necklace to the person who can tell me the best thing to get out of bed for....




Good Luck!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fabulous Autumn Winter Collections

It is that time of year again! Yes thats right! X Factor has started and is well on its way to being another fabulous series. But you all know what that means.... I personally feel like its my weekly count down to Christmas - the winner is usually Christmas number one after all! I know alot of you will think I have literally just fallen off a Christmas tree to be excited about the festive period so soon in the year buts its hard not to be when I am surrounded by wonderful wintery things that I can't wait to get on my wish list!
This time last year I was headed off to India as the first stop of my tour of the world so I missed the winter. Please don't curse me at this point, I know it was a harsh one last year! Anyway, this year we have lots of things to brighten up even the most miserable of days. Take a look a this fabulous Fever dress for example, it just screams winter chic don't you think?!
Fever Canada Dress, £69

Ok ok ok, perhaps I am a little premature in my excitement. We have had some fabulous transitional items in however. Its that kind of temperature at the moment where you're not sure whether to wear a summer dress or boots and a scarf but I think this little assortment will be perfect for now.
Uttam Boutique Wilona £49

Rise (one of our new brands) Alexia Lace Dress £45 (Also available in red)

If those few pieces don't tickle your fancy then check out our website as I am sure there will be something that does. There is definitely something for everyone! If dresses aren't you're thing, we have had some fabulous new bags in from Nica which are proving very popular in the shops.
Nica Sinead Satchel £55

Speak to you all soon
Aimee x