Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Welcome to the stage.....

Good Afternoon All!!

Well here I am, the new Catie!! Hopefully I will do a good a job as she did in keeping you all up to date on the comings and goings at Aspire! Well, to all those of you who don't know I am Aimee! I used to work in the shop in Oxford as their junior manager but then after alot of thinking I decided to leave the company (shock horror), pack my bags and head off travelling the world. After six months away I am back in the arms of the Aspire team! I have to admit it is lovely to be back, in a different location admittedly, but back all the same!
I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better and hopefully you will get to know me - slowly but surely though as I am very new to this blogging and twittering lark!

In the mean time, here's a few bits to tickle your fancy from our amazing new brand Emily and Fin. Since the Lucy dress went down so well with you all I thought you would LOVE these new bits.
Emily and Fin Ella £55

Emily and Fin Gloria £55

Aren't they just super cute and perfect for the summer. Keep on wishing girls, the sun is beginning to shine!!! If the sun doesn't shine stick on a pair of tights and a cardi and you're set! Plus it's free P&P on these dresses so you have no excuse!!

Aimee x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The New Me.

Afternoon all.

As some of you may know I will be leaving Aspire pretty soon and today marks the arrival of The New Me! No, not a new improved lifestyle change Catie but a brand new sparkly website coordinator, Aimee!

Please all be very nice and watch out for her blogs and tweets and facebooks and whatnot.

Also, here is a lovely new dress:

This is the Lulu dress from Fever and is available here for the bargain price of £55 which gets you free P&P.

Catie x

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Who needs to boost their wardrobe with some BRIGHTS?

Traffic People Stripe maxiTraffic People Stripes, £59

Fever Detroit dressFever Detroit, £55

Brilliant!!! Anyone else out there who usually sticks to darks and neutrals and gets a bit scared at this time of year when it's basically compulsory to wear brights?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Trollied Dolly dresses

Brand new to Aspire Style is the fabulous brand Trollied Dolly which has thrown some excellent dresses into the mix....my favourite is this gorgeous butterfly dress:

It's 100% cotton and only £55 which means it qualifies for free postage and packaging - and don't forget to look at our favourite blogs, http://www.about-your-dress.com/ and http://mollyandtheprincess.com/ who offer excellent discount codes, but you have to promise to actually read their blog, too!

To see the rest of our Trollied Dolly dresses, just look online!