Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Trollied Dolly dresses

Brand new to Aspire Style is the fabulous brand Trollied Dolly which has thrown some excellent dresses into the mix....my favourite is this gorgeous butterfly dress:

It's 100% cotton and only £55 which means it qualifies for free postage and packaging - and don't forget to look at our favourite blogs, http://www.about-your-dress.com/ and http://mollyandtheprincess.com/ who offer excellent discount codes, but you have to promise to actually read their blog, too!

To see the rest of our Trollied Dolly dresses, just look online!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. What is the size range x

  2. Very pretty! But I still prefer the All Tied Up Stripey Trollied Dolly Dress, which I bought last week and now want to marry I love t so much. It's MASSIVELY flattering and gorgeous


  3. They come in S M and L, which is 10 / 12 / 14

    We've all tried them on and they all seem to come up true to size!