Thursday, 5 May 2011


Who needs to boost their wardrobe with some BRIGHTS?

Traffic People Stripe maxiTraffic People Stripes, £59

Fever Detroit dressFever Detroit, £55

Brilliant!!! Anyone else out there who usually sticks to darks and neutrals and gets a bit scared at this time of year when it's basically compulsory to wear brights?


  1. Yes, me! Especially as my skin is super white. But if Dita von Teese can do it ... ...

    I'm liking the Fever Detroit!

  2. Haha Dita can do anything!!

    The Detroit is gorgeous, will definitely be trying that on before I leave! Got three weeks to abuse the discount!! Hehehehe

  3. Oh no! I'd seen that you'd got a job as a journalist (yay!) but didn't click that this would mean you leaving Aspire too. Gutted! What will I do without you?