Friday, 27 March 2009

Coloured tights - fabulous fashion or a bit too superhero?

Here is me - looking a bit manic in this pic (it had been a long day!) wearing my lovely red Pamela Mann tights (£4.95) together with the Fever poppy dress (£69). The pic doesn't show them that well, but take it from me they are bright red!

Chanelling Anna Friel in 'Pushing Daisies' I was very pleased when I put this outfit together but as I paraded in front of my husband he looked shocked and uttered the words... 'you're not seriously thinking of going out like that?!' and 'where's your cape?' Well of course I have and got many compliments on my attire (from women) - the only male comment was from a white van man shouting 'red stockings!' in a comedy voice as they speeded past (mmm - they never say it when they're within slapping distance - it's always from moving vehicles or up ladders).

It leads me to believe that coloured tights is yet more evidence that most men just don't get high fashion (ask a man what they think of Sarah Jessica Parker and she's definately not ranked high on their attractiveness radar) whereas coloured tights are a joy to my mind and brighten up a dreary day. They lend a 'creative' air to an outfit and I think women appreciate it as a nod to high fashion whilst keeping your legs warm!

Perhaps my man is not as enlightened as yours or does anyone else have examples of fashion that men just don't get?

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  1. Loving the outfit! What do men know anyway? I would never have thought to put this dress with tights but it turns a summer dress into an all year round outfit! Also v jealous you can wear yellow so well!