Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A quick bit of blog-on-blog loving

Hello all!

Just a quick note to say...

WE LOVE DOMESTIC SLUTTERY! And it seems the feeling is mutual. As part of their 12 Days of Christmas competition bonanza, the lovely Domestic Sluts are giving away our beautiful Fever Escala dress, which retails at £79 and is sure to turn heads at Christmas parties/New Years' Parties/when you're in Tescos (delete as applicable). Just look at it!

Sigh... so beautiful... I would like to enter myself, but I imagine it's a bit like all that jargon you get on the back of Hula Hoops packets about no employees or relations of employees being allowed to participate. Oh well, the dress is currently in my office waiting to be sent to the lucky winner, so at least I get to look at it for a while!

To enter, simply get your lovely self over to the Domestic Sluttery website (this link will take you directly to the competition) and tell those lovely ladies where you'd wear the dress. Just two rules: you have to enter by midnight tonight (the 15th) and you can only enter once, otherwise it's just greedy. No one will believe you if you enter several times then say you have some kind of short-term memory loss condition which made you forget you entered.

I can't wait to blog about the lucky winner!

Until next time,


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