Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday Giveaway Winner!

The new name for our Friday giveaways issssssss "Thank Freebie it's Friday!"! This was a blog entry by someone calling themselves J or @78ReasonsNotTo! Congratulations! Please DM or email me your address for me to post you're prize to!
I have also decided to give some vouchers to a couple of people who have tried really hard today and those people are Gracey Sabin, Laura Jayne Cook and Lucy Jacques who all joined in on Facebook. If you could let me know your addresses I will send you your vouchers!
Well done everyone! Today was a good one! Looking forward to Thank Freebie it's Friday next week!
Have a fab weekend

1 comment:

  1. oh, how embarrassing....thats me 78ReasonsNotTo. its my twitter name. i've just found this via google search. you must have thought i was a ghost, to not see this before. Anyway, im very pleased you picked my suggestion.