Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Nica bag

Mondays are always busy-busy now-now-now get-orders-done days, then Tuesdays come around and they are typically job days. You know the ones I mean, where you have lots of jobs to do, and although none of them are urgent, they're all fairly important, and you know they need to get done, but you'd rather not. Anyway that's what today is. Computer broken, need to fix it. Internet slow, need to sort it. New images through, need to edit them (although can't do this one: see previous two points). etc etc. I was rather lacking in motivation, but then I had a cup of tea and remembered I work for Aspire, the best shop ever! And I have to do all of these little niggly jobs because then I get to play with pretty things like this new Nica Bag, the Nica Bo in coral, £69:
Nica Bo, coral
Voila. Motivation found. Now where to find the Paint Shop Pro disk....

Anyone else have days like this? What motivates you to get the little jobs done? Help!


  1. I find that the little things weigh on me, but if I can do something else a little more rewarding first then I can get all of the niggly jobs done afterwards. Like this afternoon for instance, I have loads of little things that I really should be doing, but I am currently designing a new product, and know that when I start to see progress with the designing, that I will be more able to get all of the little things out of the way.
    Apologies for the ramble! I think I must be procrastinating a little ;)

  2. I like to always have something to look forward to... a weekend shopping trip, a break with my husband, a holiday, a new purchase or a night out... anything to focus on that'll get me through the day. I always find I'm more productive towards the end of the week too!

  3. Caffeine, mainly. My shameful addiction! Also frequent breaks keep me motivated when I'm doing something very boring - for every 20 minutes of electronic filing I get 3 minutes of playing on twitter or somethin :)

  4. nice bag.. I live in Florence and near my house there is the head office of "il bisonte". it's a company that makes beautiful leather bags, the quality is excellent. I was curious to know if it is a known brand abroad..do you know?