Monday, 14 March 2011

Spotty v Floral

[It was going to be Spots vs Stripes but we don't seem to have anything stripy...]

Every buyers meeting now involves Emma (one of the owners) picking up something spotty and going oooohhh this is amazing oh my gosh, love it, yes, we'll take it, let's have it, I love it, it's so pretty, look at it! And the rest of us pulling a face that says remember what we talked about? to which she can only say oh right yes no more spots :o( -  but there's just something so cute and adorable about spotty dresses which is almost always irresistible, isn't there? And now the sun is shining and spring is here so out come all the pretty florals - the question is, which is better? Spots or florals?

Current spotty dresses:

Fever Dotty Shift dress, navy Dotty shift dress, £55, navy or brown

Yumi black spot dressBlack spot dress, £39, black or blue

Spotty dress, blueSpotty dress, £29, sky or navy

Tara Starlet full circle polka dot prom dress, redTara Starlet polka, £75, red or black

I'm pretty sure there are more spotty styles in store, too...although that would mean I'm not doing my job properly and forgetting to put them online...whoops.

Current floral dresses:

Fever Tonga sundressTonga sundress, £69 also as wrap dress, £55

Ruby Belle Tea Blossom dress, redTea Blossom dress, £45, red or blue

Glamourous rose pleat dressRose pleat dress, £45

Fever Poppins dressMary Poppin dress, £55

There are loads more floral dresses online, too - have a look!

And for those of you on a tight budget, you can always treat yourself to a little something...
Vintage pink fairy cake casesRetro spot cake cases
Floral and spotty case cases, £1.95

So, join the debate - spots or florals? Which are you wearing and why? Lots of comments please, somebody will be winning some cake cases!


  1. My wardrobe is replete with both spots and florals (and a few stripes too) but overall I think spotty wins for me - I love some florals, but polka dots will take you through the whole year, I think.

    On a side note, though - I do really fancy the Tonga sundress, so pretty!

  2. Floral is a definite winner for me. Love that it brings a little bit of spring/summer into your wardrobe. xxx

  3. I'm edging towards spots. I'm liking the rose peat dress, but but but I just can't help but drool over the red Tara polka dress. And the spotty cake cases win hands down.

  4. I have both in my wardrobe, but I'm a sucker for a flower. There's just something idyllic about a flowery frock!

  5. Spots every time for me. I will be buying that dotty shift dress (in brown) for sure, just saving some pennies this month!

  6. Floral for sure, They have that vintage style look about them. Love them all. x

  7. I like to think of myself as Floral and my sister as spots. While she does have floral in her wardrobe when she wear's spots it's a little 50's throwback and that style looks amazing on her.

    I am always drawn to floral because of all the different ways it can be worn. My love for floral started when Henry Holland launched his H! lines in debenhams, floral was everywhere in his debut collection and it's still a major part of his designs. Floral's can be simple and pretty and they can be busy and a major fashion statment and the look is constantly changing.

    For me spots will always be an ode to the fifty's and sixty's, which is fine words cannot express how much i love those two decades. But I feel floral can move in any which direction it wants and encompass any decade it wants while still fitting in with the trends of today.

  8. Ooh, that is a tough one. I love both and have both. I tend to wear florals a lot, but think spots just make me happy! Most of my favourite dresses are spotty. So I think spotty wins for me :)

  9. Lyn, we don't want any drooling accidents on our dresses please!! Email me your address to and I will send you some cake cases, then you can drool over your cakes, not the clothes!!!