Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Why not? Wednesday

I woke up this morning and thought, ooh I've beaten my alarm again, (you know when you wake up three minutes before your alarm?). That's nice. Nice to wake up naturally. Then I looked at my clock....5am. I've beaten my alarm by two hours and forty minutes. So I'll just go back to sleep. But you know what happens at 5am when you live in a small village in the middle of Warwickshire? Birds sing. Then it's 5.40, then 6.16, then 7.08 and then I'm just about to get up and start the day early when I start to doze. Then my alarm goes off and I turn it off and think, well I've been awake since 5am so I'm hardly likely to go to sleep now. Wrong. All of a sudden it's 8.32. ARGH! And then I did that thing when you wake up late and you're so aware that you're late that you become really super-efficient, so I ended up making it to work ten minutes early and wondering why I ever get up before 8.32.

Aaaaanyway, it's made me decide on the giveaway for today! An alarm clock of course!
Bake a like alarm clock
For your chance to win simply tell me a funny story about a time you've been late. Obviously I would also really appreciate it if you signed up to our newsletter - it goes out about once a month with a special offer or a preview etc - and if you could spread the love for Aspire by recommended us to simply all of your friends!! :o)

Feeling a bit zombie-ish now that the adrenaline has gone...time for a coffee I think xx


  1. For the past week I have been waking up at around 5am!! If not before, nightmare, But this morning I had a doctors appointment at 8.10am..... What time did i get up?!?!?! 8.00am but still made it on time!! (even tho I might of gone for the just got out of bed look!!) Not a funny story but hay...!!

  2. My alarm goes off at 5.30am and I am entirely reliant on it to wake me. In 12 years I've never had a problem - until last Wednesday! A power cut in the middle of the night knocked my clock out of sync with the waking world. When I awoke in broad daylight to a clock claiming it was 5.04am I was... a little cynical to say the least...

    I leapt out of bed to find my phone only to discover it was 7.40am. My train usually leaves by seven - you can imagine how unimpressed I was - and my boss too, when I rolled into the office 2 hours late!

  3. Oh no! That's horrible! What on Earth do you do that means you have to get up at 5:30am?? I hope you finish work at lunchtime!!

    Do you know what gets me EVERY time...clocks changing. Nightmare. Has it auto-updated, has it not, did I turn it back last night when I was drifting off, did I not...argh nightmare!

  4. funny story about being late? hmm i'm always late. The one that always makes people gasp is the time 20 mins before i was due to get married I was in the local corner shop buying crisps - hair and tiara done but not dress on... what can i say i was 6 months pregnant and craving salt and vinegar crisps!! My mum nearly had a heart attack when i casually strolled in the door eating crisps with 15 mins to go!

  5. My alarm clock doesnt work (no really it doesnt!) So what I tried to do waas set my iPhone instead to wake me nicely to music but instead of setting the time for 7.15am, I mistakingly set it off for 7.15pm Ooops Girls were late for school!

    Now relying on natural light to get me out of bed!

  6. I have exactly the opposite problem - I'm early, to the point that I actually went to a fancy dress party, in a trendy bar in Manchester, in costume a whole 24 hours early last week. There is nothing more embarrassing in this entire world I guarantee!

  7. i once accidentally enrolled in the wrong University! (i was on a 3 month exchange in Norway and didn't speak the language!) After a University tour, library induction & a meeting with my new tutor, someone asked me my name & told me i wasn't on their list of exchange students! Turns out i should have been at the uni up the road! So, i finally enrolled at the correct University only 5 hours late; I sooooo embarressed!

  8. BondGirl I can't believe you were prioritising crisps over wedding vows! That deserves a clock, surely! Please email me your address to !

  9. Love those clocks!

    I have done the wake up early and then decide to snooze and then oversleep trick myself!

    You have a great blog - come by and visit mine as well!