Friday, 10 June 2011

Is that sunshine I see?

Good afternoon all you glamorous ladies!

I do hope you are all well and enjoying what seems to be the slow appearing sunshine. Could it last over the weekend? Here's hoping!
Well I seem to have settled in quite nicely now. I have really got into the swing of things which is good news for everyone. I have had a few internet connection related dramas but there is nothing a minor complaint and a little sweet talking can't do to get a man in a van out to fix the cables! Anyway, that is why it has been a little quiet on the blog and twitter front but I am back in action now.

It has been a busy old week here in Stratford, the tourists are really coming out in force now which is both a good and a bad thing. Lots of new things have been arriving on a daily basis which is been very exciting. I know last time I blogged I harped on about the new Emily and Fin dresses but this week we have received more and they are ten times more deliciously irresistible than before. I absolutely love the shape of them, so beautifully flattering, yet super easy to wear (which in my opinion is the only way dresses should be!).

My absolute firm favourite is the Ella dress in this amazing fruity print! It's only £55 which I think is a bargain for something so fabulous!

It is 100% cotton and machine washable which is why it is going to be a permanent fixture in my summer wardrobe! For those of you with slim waists it is perfect as it nips you in beautifully in all the right places. The little off the shoulder sleeve was a questionable feature for me but I wouldn't change it for the world now and I am now fully embracing the off the shoulder, 50s style to the full! The pear print is also right on trend this season. Fruity perfection!

Ok ok; enough about the Ella I hear you cry, check these beauties out
The ever popular Lucy in a new graphic grey and white, £49
A new style here ladies, Rachel is only £55!

That is all for today I am afraid, I have to crack on with some spring cleaning.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed the clouds go away and the sun starts shining.


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