Thursday, 16 April 2009

Loving Mad Men and women's curvey 60s style

(picture courtesy of LA times - click here for more pics)
I didn't watch the first series so I'm a bit behind on some of the storylines but I love Mad Men! (BBC4). Set in the early sixties in an ad office it's full of men with pre-historic attitudes, chain smoking and women who, whilst all battling with the men in their lives exude corsetted but curvey style.

The women - particularly Joan (pictured in pink) must make skinnies tut in envy in the retro style which absolutely suits anyone with curves. Indeed it seems to be part of a back-lash against the rail-thin models of late, as discussed in This Sunday Times Style article.

As it says in the article - women with curves look best in clothing that skims their shape, rather than baggy modern styles so sadly smocks and dresses such as our Asturius dress (£69) are not ideal.

Fitted dresses are in fact a curvey girls' best friend as they elongate the body as well as accentuating all your best bits. Our Fever dresses are cut with curves in mind and all have a suitable Mad Men retro style such as the Fever Atlantis dress (pictured £69)

For more Mad Men info - this BBC article tells you about the lengths the program makers' have gone into to recreate the look, not only of the characters but their office and home surroundings.

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