Saturday, 25 April 2009

Aspire loves...anything with a bow on it

Dorothy gingham bow hairband available from LouLou Loves you £14.99
Image source: LouLouloves you website

We've been mad about bows for a few seasons, but our buying strategy of 'if it's got a bow on it, we must have it' has come to full fruition this season with the shop bursting with bows. Bows on handbags, dresses, shoes - you name it, I can show you it with a bow.

Not since the late eighties, when, with long hair I was able to wear my velvet bow hair slide atop my pony tail have I coveted bows so much. It's funny that - even if you were there the first time around and, the f ashion fever still gets you.

Here are some of our finest bow-adorned items:
Stone slouchy bow handbag (£55), also available in chocolate, purple & turquoise.
Poetic Licence sparkle bow flip flops (£49)
Yumi Jamika dress (£55) wit h diamante bow elasticate d belt

They are so pretty, so sweet, so girly. We hope bows stick around in fashion for a while!

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  1. Bows are the ultimate in girly chic. Love the gingham hair bow pictured.

  2. awesome! love Dorothy gingham bow hairband pix. love your blog. feel free to visit my blog at

  3. OOh I love that massive gingham bow! Thank you so much for visiting my blog...I'm going to follow yours it's so pretty! Looking forward to future posts.