Saturday, 2 May 2009

Aspire Style - best friends in business and on TV!

On the TV - Emma's wearing the Maisy Sundress and I'm wearing the Fever Poppy Dress

Well it's been an exciting week here at Aspire Style with an appearance on BBC2's Working Lunch last Weds (29th April).

It all came about by Emma putting together a press release about our business 'with an interesting angle' and emailing it to their general contact email a few months ago. Our angle was 'Best Friends in Business' as Emma and I have been friends since we were 10. At 32, and after 4 years in business our friendship is still going strong!

(tragically we weren't too stylish in our younger days... although Emma has made valiant efforts with that crimper!)
We were at the same school but different classes and met due to an unfortunate netballing accident where, due to our competitive nature (has served us well!), we both went for the ball and one of us (me) came out of it with a fractured arm! The arm healed and we discovered we had lots in common including a passion for art and all things creative.

(Eermm... What are those things on our heads?! - At the clothes show when we were 15)
As time passed we often talked about what we would do when we grew up including running a night club! But as A-Levels turned into degrees and graduate jobs, we were busy on the treadmill of life. A few years into our careers, with Emma a marketing brand manager and me stuck with lots of men doing design engineering (that's where being good at drawing can take you!), we started yearning to do something more creative again and so the idea of Aspire Style was born.
(looking very pleased with ourselves at 18 (honest!), off to a 70s event)

From our first shop in a sleepy street in Warwick, selling vases and cushions, we've grown and changed into 3 shops and online selling delectable dresses, fashion jewellery & girly gifts!

Mmmm.... I wonder where we'll be in 4 years from now?

Irresistible fashion, jewellery & gift

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