Monday, 20 April 2009

Springtime layers - getting creative with one dress

The weather her is gorgeous at the moment but as you bound out the door in your summer garb - you suddenly realise it's a bit chilly out there.... Fear not as this gives you an excellent excuse to indulge in some layering!

I love layering - why wear one item of clothing when you can wear at least 5? This is partly to do with the fact that I'm a sensitive soul and feel the cold and you need to be prepared in spring but also because with layering, you get to create even more variations of outfits with the same clothes...
For examply our Asturius dress (pictured above£69) is a perfect day dress for any season and would look great right now with a this M&S striped t-shirt (£7). Or it could work with a long sleeved white t-shirt (M&S £7) and a 3/4 sleeve cardi over the top (Oasis £35). It would really work with some gladiator style sandals like these from topshop. If your legs are feeling cold, leggings or our Pamela Mann footless tights (£4.95)would work well.

I not only layer with clothes - I've become fond of wearing multiple necklaces, a short pendant, along with a long bead necklace. This plastic flower necklace (£8.95) in pink would look great with the sweetie necklace (£8.95) - good enough to eat!

Anyway - enjoy your springtime layering!

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Some pictures used are not my own. They are from the M&S and Oasis websites.

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