Monday, 17 May 2010

Calling all customers! We want your pictures!

All of our customers are beautiful.  This is a fact, just like how the cash machine will only have £20 notes available when you have less than that in your account, and how you can never have just one chocolate-covered Hob Nob.  We'd love it if you could send us pics of yourselves in your Aspire Style purchases so we can feature them on this here blog and our Facebook group, and when we get enough, we'll hopefully be able to start a gallery over on - it'll be like you're famous!  Just send your photo(s) to with your name and any other information you'd like us to have (maybe you received excellent customer service or purchased your item for a special occasion) and we'll be sure to feature you.

Check out this lovely lady in our Stratford store wearing the Tara Starlet Gypsy apple spot dress - doesn't she look fab?!

We look forward to receiving your pics!

Until next time,


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