Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What to Wear Wednesdays - Beach Chic

Ok, so it's not as warm as it was last month, and if the weather people tell me there's snow in Newcastle one more time I may cry, but I comfort myself with the fact that it is still technically Spring, so we've not much right to complain.  Next month, however, is June, which will undoubtedly bring cloudless skies and non-stop sunshine (except for at night, obviously), and you will experience a phenomena known as Beach Craving.  If you've not heard of Beach Craving before, it's because I've just coined the term, but it does exist!  British people naturally flock to the seaside in the summer!  It's as innate as breathing or hating sprouts.

However, there's no point strolling down to the beach looking like you've been so distracted by the sun that you've experienced some form of blindness whilst getting dressed.  That will not do.  So take my advice, and get Beach Chic:

The pearls might be a little much for bucket and spade activities, but they're excellent for taking this outfit from beach to bar.

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