Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter! Here, have some cheap shoes...

Hello all!  I know it's raining, but if you've got the day off today why not head to your local Aspire shop and check out the shoes?  Ok, if you're really aqua-phobic you can do it online.  We've had a lot of new styles delivered in the past couple of weeks, and there's something for everyone.  If that alone isn't enough to tempt you, how about this...

So pretty!  I love those Kim Oh No shoes from Irregular choice, they're a really cute rockabilly style and look absolutely amazing on.

If the prospect of heels so tall makes you want to run and hide, you can prettify your feet with lovely sandals.

These cuffed ankle sandals are going to be a big look this summer, and ours are not only just £29 (or £24.65 if you buy them these weekend) but they're also really really comfy.

I have been coveting these Mint Julip sandals from Poetic Licence for a while now; maybe buying them this might make the sun shine again?  They're reduced from £59 to £50.15 this weekend - a saving of nearly a tenner!

The Genteel shoes, also from Poetic Licence, may look a bit high, but the clever platform means they're actually surprisingly easy to walk in!  They look so beautiful on, and you can keep your tights on with them now until it gets a bit warmer.  Normally £75, these babies are £63.75 this weekend! 

You can see all our pretty pretty shoes here and you have until the end of Monday to bag yourself a bargain.  Go!  Go now!

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