Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas gift mania - this time for real. No polar bears.

So! Christmas gifts. Well the top sellers in terms of volume have definitely been the Bake-a-Like clocks since they were featured in the Guardian G2 Christmas Gift Guide thank you very much! We've sold something like 150 which is just sensational. If you want one, act fast as they've already sold out thrice over and I expect it'll happen again! Here they are:
Bake a like alarm clock
Link here if you'd like to buy one - also available in brand new chocolate brown which is about as retro as it gets! They're £9.95 but you can have 10% off them (and indeed everything) by using discount code "G210" which I believe is valid until midnight on Sunday 19 December.

Well, the clocks may be shifting in quantity, but the fact is, just one sale of a gorgeous Orla Kiely bag (multi-stem midi sling has been the most popular in the last two weeks) is essentially worth ten clocks!
Orla Kiely multi directional stem midi sling bag
So in terms of hitting my targets, a big thank you to everyone who's been buying Orla! I must say the purchasers have largely been men so I expect lots of you ladies have been dropping hints - and I don't blame you! If you love it but don't love the price-tag then the purse is gorgeous, too. 

Other top five sellers:
1. Moomin hot water bottle - sales have been insane! Our supplier is now out of stock, but we still have some pink Snorkmaiden ones here, along with our OwlBird and "Tea&Sympathy" ones. Nobody wants to lose a toe to frostbite so get yourself a hot water bottle pronto!
3. Hoshi dress - featured in Grazia this week and worn by Natalie on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two.
4. New Wagtail clasp purse - gorgeous for kids, teenagers and of course us oldies who are a sucker for anything super-cute, so it's a perfect "buy-in-for-emergency-Christmas-present" purchase!
5. Scottie Dog hand warmer and Bird hand warmer - see previous note re: frostbite.

Now if you'll all congratulate me on sticking to the brief, I'll be off!


  1. Love the Bake-a-Like clocks... really gorgeous!!

  2. We still have some available and the 10% discount applies until Sunday night so you should get one while you can!!!! :o)