Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Orla Kiely bags - last minute shopping!

Well I don't know what I was getting so stressed about on Friday! Yesterday wasn't anything like as busy as the last couple of weeks (maybe clock-mania has died down?!) and lovely Libby was helping me out so actually it was a very pleasant day! Everyone's been busy shopping overnight so the orders are back up, and I'm getting tons of frantic emails from men wanting to purchase Orla Kiely bags and pleading with me to find some of the sold out ones from somewhere and send them yesterday! Tut tut, boys - you shouldn't leave these things to the last minute!

Expecting a huge delivery today which will include more of these gorgeous washbags which I love and which I might treat myself to before my upcoming weekend away...
Toiletries bag - vintage parcel

Paper Plane vintage parcel washbag, £22.95

...and also some more hot water bottles which have almost all sold out now. They're a great Christmas gift though, a nice price and very apt for the Siberian weather we're getting! Also getting some more of the Hoshi dresses, as seen in Grazia and on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two....

Hoshi dress, blue

Hoshi dress, blue/emerald/purple, £40

I love the purple one but I'm trying to work out how I could wear it and still be warm?! One-shoulder dresses can't really be thrown on over a long-sleeved tee, can they? Can they? Help me.

Right, best get cracking on the orders...have a fantastic day everyone x

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