Monday, 15 November 2010

Baby clothes and teacups

Cold, crisp, sunny Sundays in Stratford-upon-Avon are definitely for aimless wandering, window shopping and mooching, so when I worked in the shop yesterday I was surprised by some of the items catching eyes and grabbing attention - namely the baby clothes.

I don't sell many baby clothes online, even though they're all amazing! This Menace t-shirt goes right up to age 5-6 and I'm definitely buying one for the gorgeous little man who took me for dinner on Friday night.
This baby-grow is adorable and I'm sure parents will agree with the message!!

There are tons more, I'm going to get some new photographs up online today so look out for more here on our baby page.

Other best-sellers yesterday included our range of teacup jewellery. I hadn't put it online as I wasn't sure how well it would sell but I'll definitely be uploading them this week so look out here at our jewellery page.

Right, better get on with some of this work instead of spending the day wondering how/when/if I can get an adult sized "Sleep Thief" romper commissioned....


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