Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Why not? Wednesday

So....the last couple of Wednesdays haven't had a Why not? because I had one ludicrously busy Wednesday and one Wednesday out of the office, but fear not! Today it's back.

This week I'm going to give you all the chance to win a gorgeous tea towel to brighten up your kitchen chores! But not just for a simple click of "like" or "follow", no no no, this week you've got to earn your prize! So tell me...
who would you most like to see doing your washing up for you and why?

I'd like to see my colleague Libby doing the washing up as every time I go in the kitchen I see a trail of her lunchtime activities! The cupboard is left open, things fall out of the fridge when I open it, there are little bits of soggy lettuce on the draining board, there's an overflowing bin-bag, the washing-up bowl is FULL of freezing cold water...I'll tell you what, it's a good job I adore her! ;o) hi Libby xxx

Alternatively, I'd like to see George Lamb doing my washing up. Just, y'know, because.

Ready, Steady, Go!


  1. I'd like to see the twins (rowers) from The Social Network doing my washing up (one could wash, one could dry) - they's have a good technique from all that rowing, and I'd just like to admire that physique, oops, I meant technique :)

  2. Ok, so George Lamb would be way up there on the list, but ideally I'd like to see Jamie Oliver doing my washing up right after having cooked me THE most delicious meal I've ever had!

  3. I'm very lucky because my lovely man does all the washing up in our house. That's the division of labour - he does the washing up and takes the rubbish out, both jobs I hate. I do the laundry and the hoovering. So, I don't know who HE would like to see doing the washing up. Pervy Roisin would like to see....hhhmm....Jon Hamm. Yes, Donald Draper himself. I could sit and drink a glass of wine and watch his broad shoulders and lovely arms and doubtless lovely bottom as he stood at the sink. YUM!

  4. Molly I do like the idea of having a pair of twins washing and drying. Maybe even triplets so one can tidy away too???