Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Solihull Launch Party!

Hello hello!

Our gorgeous, fantastic, lovely, beautiful new Solihull shop opened on Saturday and to celebrate, we're opening our doors to our most favouritest of all people on Thursday from 6pm-8pm for champagne, goody bags and of course a whopping discount on all things Aspire.

Subscribers to the newsletter: please feel free to donate to my NBF (New Brain Fund) as I'm sure you noticed I managed to write October instead of November...whoops! Now I know how editors feel when I write to them being all smug and hyper-intelligent, saying "Juuuuust to let you know...I spotted six grammatical errors in the book I just read". It hurts.

Anyway, moving swiftly away from my incapabilities, I'd love for everyone to come to the launch party on Thursday, so please do let me know if you can make it - I need to put enough goody bags together for everyone!!

Hoping to see you all there so that we can put faces to names.....
Catie x
Picture of my new favourite item to make this post prettier - a VERY soft and quirky leather wallet:
Pretty City - London leather wallet


  1. Looking forward to the launch party x

  2. Good! We're really excited and hoping we get a lot of bloggers in for a good nosey!