Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fever Maple dress - the obsession grows

As you've probably gathered from my 27 blogs on it, I love my Fever Maple dress...

And now, I'll have twice as much to blog about, as we now stock it in THE colour of the season: Camel!
Ahhhh the squeals of delight when the box was opened. Stratford manager Abbey has had her eye on the similar Schiffer dress for months and we finally got that in, too...
Such a gorgeous material for the winter, all snuggly and lovely! It will be perfect with thick tights and boots -  the lovely black Power Struggle ankle boots for daytime and the super-cute tan Premiere shoe boots for a night out.

Would love to stay and chatter but I have lots and lots and lots to do - including sending some samples to Grazia, speaking to Glamour about a Twitter competition, sorting the orders, and generally updating the lovely website. In fact, we're thinking about a new shiny website next year - send me some suggestions! What would you like to see on there? What would make it extra-special and pretty and sparkly?

Mmmm have I mentioned I love the Maple dress? x


  1. I'm ordering the Schiffer dress right now!

    Sounds like there are a lot of exciting developments going on at Aspire Style HQ right now! I love your website as it is, so can't think of any suggestions right now. (Though when looking at the Fever dresses I realised you don't include care instructions - or sorry if you do and I just didn't see them - I like to know if something is dry clean only before I buy it).

    Hope you had a lovely weekend - looking forward to my new dress!

    Molly x

  2. Care instructions is a good idea, Molly! I think the Maple says dry clean only, but I'm not gonna lie, I bung it in with the rest and it comes out perfectly every time - just hang it up and you don't even have to iron it!!

  3. I love LOVE these dresses!!!!