Thursday, 23 September 2010


Good afternoon, comrades.

To celebrate us reaching 1000 followers on Twitter, we have decided to give all of our friends a lovely 10% discount until midnight!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I only have two paydays left before Christmas, so I've realised it's time to start stocking up on little gifts*.

A few gift ideas for under £15:
Gorgeous little super-soft real leather purse, available in three designs.
Very cute make up bag "Let's Kiss and Make Up" - adorable postcard design!
Vintage envelope style travel pass holder - the most stylish way to swipe your Oyster card or flash your bus pass.
Compact mirror with swallow design - look out for butterfly and rose designs, too.

Oh gosh, I could keep on going, listing all of the things I want to find in my Christmas stocking. But you know where to find them all!

The discount code is TWITTER1000 - and it can be used on sale items, too!

Don't forget to get involved on the blog with comments, and please do introduce us to your lovely friends! Also a very good time of year to casually leave our website knocking around the house [in capital letters, on huge post-it notes, in every room...] for your nearest and dearest to get the hint and buy you gifts.

Until tomorrow......

Catie x

*This doesn't mean I'm not still treating myself to the aforementioned Pavia Coat.

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