Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What To Wear Wednesdays - Power Wednesday!


I fancy a Power Wednesday. Wednesdays are my least favourite day - it always feels like it should be Thursday. So the best way to get through is to have a Power day - get loads done, keep really busy, and time will fly! And then of course it's off to the cinema for a cheeky 241. What's on this week?

The thing about Power Wednesdays have to dress the part! You can't get lots of work done in your PJs and slippers (we know that's what you do, "working from home" people!) or your standard reliable comfortable jersey dress and ballerinas. Oh no. Did you ever learn anything on a non-uniform day at school? Of course not. So it's time to dress yourself properly. Next week wear something like this.....

What to wear Wednesdays - Power Wednesday!
...and I'm positive it'll make a difference to your productivity! Or else you could waste hours showing everyone your new handbag or stroking the crushed velvet bows on the shoes....

What's your least favourite day of the week? Do you have any tips for survival?

Let me know, I need your help!


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