Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Morning all! Ah, the sun is shining over Stratford-upon-Avon today, it's glorious.

Lots more orders overnight for keyrings! The snow bunnies are fabulous though so I'm not surprised.

Today I am wearing my lovely Fever Maple dress, teamed with some patterned black tights - the may be sunny but it's still chilly - and an old pair of boring black heels which I must, MUST swap for these ludicrously cute Poetic Licence Sweet Talk shoes on payday.

Does anyone else start making a shopping list a few days before payday?

I always seem to have mentally spent my wages before I actually get them. This month I have to buy new brake pads (yawn!) and I will resent spending money on my car when I could be buying pretty things, like this necklace which I love. I also need to buy a warm coat ready for the winter - remember how freeeeezing it was last year? Please help me decide - Charming Ingrid or Fever Pavia - which one to buy??




  1. Definitely go for the Fever Pavia coat - If I could get away with wearing red, I would definitely get it! :)

  2. I think you might be right, I've had a couple of people say the Pavia...it's so pretty! But will I be drawing too much attention to myself?

    How's your day going, Peeko?

  3. I don't think you should be concerned with drawing too much attention to yourself. Having a bold coat gives you confidence. I used to wear black and grey a lot, but not anymore. My winter coat is the Fever Paddington in blue gingham. I just love how bright it is! Yesterday I wore it for the first time this year (as it was soo cold!) and teamed it with a short woolen dress and smurf blue tights. I'm sure people were looking at me, but I don't mind, wearing colour makes me smile! :)

  4. That coat is fabulous! You are brave wearing blue tights, I'm not sure I could! I bet they looked fab on you though as you seem like you've got the confidence to pull it off!!
    The weather's horrible today, it's making my coat decision very urgent!!