Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ginger Nuts

Morning campers!

Seeing Eat, Pray, Love tonight - anyone already seen it? Taking my Mummy as she's been looking after me very nicely indeed lately (i.e. for the last 24 years). She's got a lovely new grey coat so I'm also going to treat her to a sparkly brooch to make it even prettier. I'll be sporting my Fever Toulouse dress with a black belt and my Nica Clutch.

Feeling tired today, think it's a hangover from the immense number of Ginger Nuts I ploughed my way through yesterday. Seriously. Ginger Nuts. Even though I'm not a 76 year old man. It's just they were half price and I thought I could fancy a Ginger Nut. Then one turned to two, to three, to ten. Anyway, anyone working for a biscuit company should feel free to send me the kind of biscuits that self-respecting 24 year old women ought be munching on.

New stock in today for our new store - lots of Irregular Choice boxes and Darling coats everywhere! Will put anything new on the website ASAP.

Someone, anyone, come and confiscate the biscuits....

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