Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Olbas Oil and Soup


Good news - I can now officially breathe through my nose! I'd like to thank Olbas Oil for sponsoring this cold, and my brother, for bringing it home with his washing and ironing last week.

So now that I'm feeling all chipper, what have I been up to? I've been blowing fuses in the office which I didn't notice until I put a spoonful of fridge-cold butternut squash and coconut soup (M&S) into my mouth and thought this isn't right. Twenty minutes later, covered in dust from searching every nook and cranny for the fuse box, I had hot butternut squash and coconut soup and it was amazing. Highly recommended. Managed not to spill any on my fabulous new Fever dress thanks to my genius idea of basically covering my entire self in Moomin tea towels, so it's all good in the Aspire hood!

I've also been bombarded with orders, as per. Today it's been lots and lots of sale dresses - loads of fantastic bargains to be had so I'm not surprised - and more stunning coats. Brrrrr. Also been working on the next newsletter - subscribers are in for a treat, so spread the word, tell all your friends to sign up, and enjoy!!

Off to take some photographs of our brand new jewellery - in the mean time here's our current range.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Yummm, that soup sound delicious! I may have to purchase at lunch.

  2. It is yummy yummy in my tummy! And it will be again today. I'm hoping that yesterday I only used about 45% of it so today I'll get a giant 55% portion. Mmmmmmm how long until lunch?!