Friday, 1 October 2010


Capital letters, how brash...but seriously, it's EXCITING, isn't it?!?!?!

Take a look online at a host of goodies available, including my new favourite, the Vintage Envelope Travel Pass holder. My Oyster card is looking pretty scraggy (is that even a word?) in its boring holder, and this beautiful travel pass is the perfect way to achieve a stylish swipe...although I can't guarantee it will make the shutters any less vicious/temperamental, or reduce queues for topping up credit. And at £9.95 (or £8.95 with the discount), it's a great bargain - you could even buy a few and hand them out for Christmas presents!

It's absolutely pouring down today (lots of umbrellas selling downstairs in the shop), and my office is très chilly so I've borrowed a Yumi faux fur jacket from the stock room, and let's face it, I'll be buying it later because it's AMAZING. I am all snuggly and warm and fluffy. It's like having my cat here with me. Here's my cat:

Don't worry, I won't turn into one of those nutters who posts endless pictures of her cat. Although, has everyone seen the Ikea advert?? TOO CUTE! It was a cinema advert on Wednesday - giant kittens!! Right, enough about cats. Who likes owls?! This hot water bottle is absolutely brililant!

Time to go before I start ranting about cute animals...I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Pass on the message about 10% off - the code is ALL10 - and get shopping!

Catie x
P.S. Deer washbag, butterfly purse, bird compact

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  1. cute cat! would go nice with the cardigan and/or the Zandra Rhodes clutch that I have just ordered from you :)
    wish I'd ordered the vintage travel holder pass now too, boo - next time!