Monday, 25 October 2010

Pretty vintage Christmas gifts

Payday looms and it's time to plan Christmas presents! Let's hope none of my girly friends bother to read my blog as I will be divulging what they're all getting...starting with these:

They're so pretty! The picture doesn't do them justice, they're very shabby chic and vintage, and actually really useful if like me you take your earrings/watch/bracelet/etc off and leave them on the nearest surface then forget where you put Mum (yes, my Mum, I'm 24 but still live with her, call me a loser if you like but then get jealous about the financial connotations of "rent/mortgage" vs "housekeeping"!!) is forever collecting hair-ties which I casually leave around the house in the oddest of places. Eh where was I, oh yes, these fabulous boxes are 13cm square with very pretty birds on and you can buy them here for only £9.95!

These glass heart trinket holders are also great for stashing things neatly and if you're buying for someone whose room style you're not sure about they're a pretty safe bet...
Glass heart trinket holder
They also work beautifully as tealight holders, or follow the lead of one of the Aspire girls and fill with pretty-coloured sweets for gorgeous table decorations. You can buy these here and they're even more of a bargain - only £5.25!

Well, almost home-time, just need to pop down to the shop and buy some of these on my way out to my car! No trains again today because, y'know, the day ends in Y.

Have a fantastic Monday evening, everyone....

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