Monday, 11 October 2010

My day. My bad day.

So I go up the train station bright and early (well not too bright and a little bit late to be honest, but still...), and there's a man in a nice orange day-glo number, and he looks at me like I'm an alien and shakes his head vehemently and says "ooh, there aren't any trains today love" as though I should know, as though it's been planned for years that the line from Henley-in-Arden to Stratford-upon-Avon was going to be out of action on 11 October 2010 and I'm the only moron on Earth who didn't know.

"Oh right", I said "oh, I must have missed that, sorry" [feeling like the alien moron he is making me out to be]

"Train derailed this morning at Whitlock's End you see."

How could I have possibly known that?! So I walk back, get in my car - it takes the same time but it's cheaper to get the train as two of the conductors now come round, look at me and say "I'll come back to you later <wink>" then don't. So I drive into town only to remember that the Stratford Mop (if you're not from Warwickshire, the Mop is a funfair, which is only fun when you're three and allowed on the carousel or when 16 and sneaking booze onto the waltzers) and all of the roads are closed! 25 minutes later, having been sat still for ten, going in circles for fifteen and eventually driving the wrong way through a car park because I cannot think of any other way of getting to work, I arrive late, stressed, bedraggled, and generally completely traumatised.

As if all this isn't enough, I then manage to break my nail all the way down - eeeee it's horrible - and to top it all off we've had some lowlife thief steal lovely things from our lovely shop :'( sob. We've got them on CCTV and told the police so hopefully they'll get caught.

So all in all it's been a miserable day and I would like you all to send me comforting comments, messages, tweets, etc etc to cheer me up. Although I have a feeling this M&S cookie might just do the trick. If not, I am definitely buying myself all of this Martine Wester jewellery and these Poetic Licence shoes which I have wanted for ages and possibly also this washbag which is so adorable and generally lovely.

Who else has the Mop come round and disrupt their lives? Who else has a traffic trauma story? Who has broken their nail all the way down and can relate to my upset? Please, get in touch.

Sad, sad Catie x
P.S. Sorry it's a novel. Short and sweet tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Poor flower. Here's a video of kitten massage therapy to cheer you up.

  2. AMAZING. I am going to have bad days more often to get more like this. Thanks Rachel!

  3. Coming from Warwick, when I was a young girl the mop was the highlight of the year - wrapping up warm, buying candy floss, spending all my parents money... and then when I was a teenager we used to use it as a place to hang out/meet up/attract unsuitable boys before throwing up around the back of the Orbiter.

    Unfortunately with the mop, quite often trouble comes along too :-(

  4. Yes, Mrs M, precisely! I feel really sorry for the parents now as the rides are about £6 a pop - that's an expensive afternoon/evening out!