Friday, 22 October 2010

Winter Boots and Christmas Mittens

Winter bird mittens
are quite possibly the very best mittens in the whole entire universe.

Irregular Choice Backlash, black and purple
are the best shoe boots that Irregular Choice ever invented.

But these...
Poetic Licence Femininity
are quite obviously, clearly and undoubtedly the hands-down winners. Please buy them [for me]. They are so pretty and lovely and comfy and will go with simply everything, and I know they're £125 but they will probably last three winters, and I'll wear them twice a week per winter, so per wear that's....well practically free. So basically, what I'm saying is, these boots are free. Sort of. Except the initial outlay. Who's with me????

Have a fabulous weekend, all!


  1. I'm with you on the boots. I bought a pair of beautiful nude court shoes from Bertie in the spring and they were expensive but they were barely off my feet all summer and so I feel almost like Bertie paid me to wear them. So cost per wear of gorgeous boots is bound to be even better!

  2. Roisin - I'm glad you agree. I'm sure it's the kind of attitude that bank managers and the like very much approve of. In fact, I'm surprised banks aren't advocating buying excellent shoes, perhaps we could set up some sponsorship deal between Irregular Choice and Lloyds TSB.

  3. YES! We need to convince the banks of this!