Thursday, 7 October 2010

New shop!

Good morrow! Gosh, it's nearly 5pm and I haven't had chance to even think about blogging, so this may be a little rough around the edges. I sat here for a couple of minutes thinking, have I even got anything to even talk about?! -  but of course! Our new store is opening in a mere matter of weeks!

That's right! Anyone in, near, or on the same train line/bus route as Solihull is in for a smashing treat soon as we are opening our fourth shop in Mell Square! We're half way between M&S and House of Fraser so you're sure to be able to tempt your Mumma down there to buy you some goodies. And we're just around the corner from HMV so you can drop your other half in there, marvel in our treasure trove for an hour, then go and pick him and his square eyes up from the Playstation 3 section.

We seem to be having huge deliveries made every hour, directly onto my desk (ok, twice a week into the stock room, but I feel like I'm drowning in it all!) of lovely brand new goodies! Lots of new shoes which I'm hoping to get round to putting on the website tomorrow. And sparkly sparkly new jewellery and even some CHRISTMAS things! Including adorable little sparkly owls on clips that can go on the tree, over the mantelpiece on your fairly lights, or, let's face it, in your hair. Glittertastic. Also lots of Winter things like hand-warmers and hot water bottles and oooooh yes I nearly forgot some sensational new boots!

This is where I usually go through and add website links to everything that I've mentioned, but I haven't quite got around to putting them online yet so I should probably get on with doing some real work before I get fired and have to wave goodbye to all those sparkly owls........

Catie x
P.S. If you are (or anyone you know is) a blogger/journalist/all round superstar based in the Midlands then please get in touch as we are planning a launch party for the new store and would love to meet some of our online friends.....


  1. Hey Catie :)

    As you know from emails/twitter I'm a blogger and I actually live in Solihull. Would love to come to the launch party!


  2. Hey, I'm a blogger from Coventry (actually only 20 minutes away from Solihull, woo hoo) and I'd love to come to the launch party.

  3. Hello both! If you could email me then I will have you email addresses and can get in touch with you!