Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Our clothes are gorgeous - but are they rainproof?

Imagine 20 gazillion litres of water falling from the sky in 47 seconds*. That's what just happened in Stratford-upon-Avon. Which was an EXCELLENT way of testing the waterproofness (word?!) of some Aspire Style products, i.e. the ones which were on my back during said rainfall. I know it's a constant worry for fashionistas all over the world...and the results are in:

1. Darling Jude skirt: surprisingly sturdy in a downpour! The skirt has three layers - a silky lining then two layers of net, which certainly helped.
2. Charming Nina cardigan: luckily only a small amount was peeping out as I'm not sure how much soakage this could stand. Beautiful, though, and it washes well so maybe it'd have been alright...
3. Fever Bunty jacket: coped amazingly well, droplets of water sat neatly on the fabric, ready to be bushed off with a mitten-ed hand (mittens in THIS design, going on the interweb very soon).

And that's the end of this fabulously interesting waterproofness review! I welcome and indeed encourage your comments, so if you would like to add anything about rainproof clothing then please do get in touch. And yes, I do realise that if I'd had any of these beautiful umbrellas with me then it could all have been avoided - but then you would all have been unsuspecting victims in the next rainfall where you are...

*Disclaimer: measurements may not be completely accurate.

Just reading this back to my lovely colleague and we're crying with laughter. Please take it as a fun review rather than any reflection of how interesting Aspire Style is - I promise we usually have better things to talk about than the weather ;o) xxxxxxx

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